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2014 Rich Quitadomo Sustainable Versatility Design Award Winners

2014 Design Challenge:

Eastern White Pine is traditionally associated with an authentic, rustic design aesthetic.  More and more these days, architects and designers are incorporating this species into modern settings, blending Eastern White Pine’s unique character with modern building materials like glass and steel.  Today Eastern White Pine is transcending its reputation for residential construction.

First Place:  Jun Guo – Illinois Institute of Technology


The project proposed shelter houses inside Chicago Park. The park in Chicago is along the  Michigan lake shore. It is huge and very open space.

People are highly participate with different activities inside the park, for example, go for a run or walk their dogs. Also, many travelers will visit some part of the park where the museum or art institute located. According to Chicago cli

mate, it is very necessary to set the shelter houses in different locations inside the park for shading functions in hot summer. The shelter is also needed for protecting from rainstorm in summer and snowstorm in winter for the users in the park. In this project, I chose Grant Park (part of Chicago Park) as an example to set my shelter house. The main functions of the shelter house are food stand and public restrooms. The food stand located in the center of the house where is half opened and opened. The food stand provides snacks and soft drink such as water and soda for the people from the park in summer. The public restrooms located in the four separate concrete boxes. Two of them are ADA standard, the other two are normal toilets.

View Jun’s Project Description Here.

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Second Place:  Sam Kuhn – University of South Florida


The concept of this project was inspired by the innovative and sustainable  design philosophies of Tesla. Unlike other Tesla showrooms, this design blurs the distinction between inside & outside, public & private, and educational &  commercial. At the center of this project, is the showroom for Tesla Motors.

The facility will contain: an Indoor/Outdoor Cafe (1500 sf), a Gallery (1500 sf), Supercharging Stations and an Outdoor Event Space, a Design Studio, a Classroom and a Film Room. Additionally, Executive & Administrative Regional Offices will also be included.

View Sam’s Project Description Here.

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Third Place: Nicole Schwarz – University of Kansas


The concept of this design started with an intention to experience the natural beauty of white pine wood as people walk through this building. I executed this concept by the creation of a series of transitional space (corridor) and by using white pine wood as skin of this building. The corridor allowed the residents of the community center to stop and view nature as well as separate the complex into different functioning zones. The left block of the building acts as the public sector, where the lobby, manager’s room, offices, and meeting room are all located. The second zone holds the gym and locker rooms leading to the pool and balcony where students and paying members can use these utilities. The third zone-on the right- holds the multi-purpose room with the children’s room below; this is exposed so the parents can look down and see their children from the multi-purpose room.

View Nicole’s Project Board Here.